Corporate Information

Josanti Infoimaging Ltd. was established and incorporated in Ghana in 2003.
Our Mission is to improve communication and commerce through images and technology.

The company is made up of the following Divisions:

Enterprise Information Management Solutions Division

Paper Records Management; Electronic Records and Document Management (ERDMS); Automated Form Processing/Data Capture (ICR, OCR, BCR, OMR); Document Imaging Bureau Services; Enterprise Content Management (ECM); Business Process Redesign, Automation, and Management; Electronic Business Forms and Machine-Readable Business Forms; Electronic and Digital Signatures; Backups, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR); Digital Archiving; Hosted Electronic Document and Content Management.

Information Technology Products Division

Supply, installation, maintenance and support for IT products we propose in support of our projects. KODAK Document scanners; Zeutschel document scanners; electronic signature pads; computer servers; computer workstations; laptop computers; Laserfiche ECM software; Laserfiche ERDMS; Infolinx software; Asset Tracking Software; Microsoft Windows Server; Network accessories including Cisco Routers and switches; Plasmon Archive Appliance; Plasmon jukebox; Ultra-density Optical disks; video cameras (IP and Analog); Digital Video Recorder; Network Video Recorder; eSATA RAID subsystem (4, 8, 12, 16, 24 bays, tower and rack units); Holographic accessories; PVC Cards; Access Control Accessories and complete solution packages; Intrusion Alarm Accessories and complete solution packages; Swimming pool scene alarm, garage scene alarm, indoor scene alarm, auto-camping scene alarm; Detectors (PIR detector, IR Optical, gas Detector, Smoke Detector); Telephone dialer (with or without voice indication, voice indication + electronic switch); Telephone dialer + GSM; Magnetic switch, wireless siren, Remote & Keypad, Emergency button; Alarm Control Panel, Door & windows Guard; curtain style detector; Internet alarm Video server; Ground beams; IR Beams; IR Optical Beams; Electronic Fence; Central monitoring Station; biometric software; fingerprint scanners (1, dual, 4-4-2 devices); digital camera; passport reader; laser printers.

Electronic Security and Surveillance Solutions Division

Supply and installation of Video surveillance solutions for Banks, schools and universities, health facilities, and homes (Professional and Do-it-Yourself Packages); Support and Maintenance of Video surveillance solutions regardless of whether they were originally implemented by us or by another service provider. Supply, installation, maintenance, and support for wireless or wired intrusion alarm solutions for offices and homes; Access Control system for small-size business, medium-size business, and large-size business. Video Surveillance and Access Control System integration for small-, medium-, and large-size businesses. Time & Attendance Management integration with corporate ERP system; Smart card system;  lobby Gate System; Visitor Management System; Elevator Control System; Special Door (Inter-Locking System); IBS Interface; Room Monitoring System; Guard Tour System; Personnel Tracking System; Perimeter Security system; Central Monitoring and Control systems setup.

Secure Print Solutions Division

Supply, installation, support and maintenance of all the Secure Print solutions provided by Hague Computer Supplies, UK especially the Banking line of solutions.

These include PREMIERcheque+ - designed to streamline production of all MICR documents such as cheques, foreign drafts, bank/certified cheques, dividend warrants, cheque books etc.); MICR laser technology applications; MICR Laser Printers and Consumables – LEXMARK MICR PRINTER, HP MICR PRINTER; PREMIERstealth Cheque security - for protecting financial organizations from losing money to sophisticatedly attacked cheque documents; PREMIERRoutsourcing - to help customers in the way in which they send out business critical mailings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; Security Print Bureau services - dynamic document design capability, web to print portal, mono and full colour digital print, mailing and intelligent enclosing, audit tracking and reporting, postal consolidation and discounting; PREMIERbooks - produces on-site MICR cheque/Deposit Books to help eliminate problems such as poor print quality and cheques rejected at the Bank, reliance on outdated, often bulky technology and the need for technically aware operators; high maintenance costs; expensive running costs, labour intensive chequebook collating; and questions over different currency layout positions; PREMIERcheque Teller - allowing bankers drafts, money orders and foreign draft payments to be created, authorized and printed in just a couple of minutes; Bankers Drafts/Foreign Drafts; PREMIERarchive - web-based document archive and retrieval solution especially for directly publishing large data such as customer statements for online access and retrieval by customer. PREMIERsecure toner - for preventing alteration fraud on CHEQUES, QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES, INSURANCE DOCUMENTS, PROPERTY DEEDS, MEDICAL RECORDS, MOTORING DOCUMENTS that are altered daily using a number of chemicals to wash names and values from our documents; Hologram Origination and Design.

Identity Management Solutions Division

In partnership with Avalon Biometrics and Cross Match Technologies, we supply, install, support and maintain professional biometric identity management solutions to national Governments, large corporations, medium size enterprises, small businesses, and institutions.

Our software modules include BioCap -Live-Data Capture for Central Registers; SBMS - Secure Border Management System; Visalon – Visa Information & Management System; VeriDoc – Document authentication that automatically verifies security features in travel documents such as Passports, Visas, ID-cards and Driver Licenses; Delfi – Civil AFIS Solution;  (Browser based Document Verification solution); FormCap – Form Based Data Capture; Verisys & Verisys Web – Identity Verification System; MVTA – Mobile Verification Terminal Attendance; MVTP – Mobile Verification Terminal for Police Operations; MVTS – Mobile Verification Terminal for Students; MVTV – Mobile Verification Terminal for Voters Registration & Identification; QFace – Quality Assurance for Facial Images; QFinger – Quality Assurance for Fingerprints; QDoc - Quality Assurance for Travel & Identification Documents; BioCap Pol – Criminal Enrollment for Law Enforcement Agencies; VeriDoc Web – Browser based Automated Document Verification System; Document Repository – Database for Travel & ID Documents; VeriDoc Bank – Automated Document Verification System for Banks; BioCap Mobile – Mobile Live Enrollment for various domains (suitcase); MSBMS – Mobile handheld Secure Border Management System; eGate – Automatic Immigration Gate; CRS - Central Register Solution which is a storage & identification system that enables the storage and update of personal information for future revelation, through the use and management of digital identities; FaVes – face based Identification system; RAD – Refugee and Deportation System; WSQ Encoder – FBI certified, Avalon Biometrics feature their own FBI certified WSQ encoder that compresses fingerprints from a raw or bmp format to the international standard wsq. The tool is packaged as a dll for system integrators.

Business Management and Consulting Division

Provision of software customization services, new business software development, data modelling, corporate records management outsourcing services including accounting and book-keeping services, facilities Management including physical and electronic security services on outsourcing basis; Central Monitoring of customer facilities via remote connectivity; proactive response activities to thwarting security threats; counter-surveillance services including bug detection and selective communication equipment jamming; extensive use of technology to provide security services to customers on outsourcing basis; stores and inventory management; procurement management services; warehouse administration and maintenance.

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