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Business Process Redesign, Automation, and Management

The Business Process Redesign, Automation, and Management Practice in the Enterprise Information Management Solutions Division is in charge of analysis and documentation of the “as-is” business processes, streamlining these existing business processes so that they are more relevant to the company’s business focus. We then engage the customer in reviewing various options in ECM Tools for automating the streamlined business process. Once we have reached agreement with the customer on best options, we proceed to automating the streamlined process.

Business Process Redesign and Business Process Automation for Enterprise Deployment

For the purpose of business process management we provide adequate documentation that could be used to support future process reviews and that may be subsequently be updated to guide required updates to the automated business process. Finally, when required, we support your organization to effect the necessary changes in its structure so that the automated process can be properly administered and managed.

We have very strong expertise in the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization (Business Process Re-engineering) that could lead to supporting your company to adopt appropriate strategy for automating processes (Business Process Automation) in order to contain costs, increase quality, service, and speed that could lead to a better definition enterprise-wide of the business processes that are running inside your company (Business Process Management).

Whether the focus for your implementation is Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Automaiton, or Business Process Management is dependent on the progress you have already made in defining and documenting the “to-be” processes. For companies that have already reviewed their current business processes and have come up with their preferred business processes we ssupport them to create business process maps that we properly align with identified roles in the structure of the organization and then create appropriate project deliverables for automating the processes using our Laserfiche ECM.

Where the organization has not made any review of its current processes and may wish to automate business processes, we conduct detailed analysis of the company’s current business processes and functional structure and redesign the business processes and functional structure for the promotion of efficient delivery of services.

We would not necessarily adapt to existing organizational structure since our experience supports the preferred approach of allowing the redefined processes to define the appropriate organizational structure for supporting the processes. By engaging us in this line of work you also buy into our philosophy of viewing your organizational structure as fluid enough so that it is adaptable to the newly redesigned processes that would make your organization more efficient in its delivery of products or services. This is not the same as the scary expectation of licensing inflexible IT solution that requires you to adapt to it instead of the other way around. This particular assignment seeks to make the organization efficient in executing its core and primary mandate in its entirety. The enterprise focus for this assignment is the main reason why issues of organizational restructuring may arise.

Understanding the need for Business Process Redesign

For example, in our work in Ghana public sector organizations, it often becomes clear that some of these institutions are not suited for business process automation. This is because they are often managed by colonial organizational structures that are completely irrelevant and irresponsive to the needs of modern society. Where there is resistance in adopting the re-engineered processes along with recommended organizational structure changes, such automated business process efforts would fail or simply cannot take off. We do not automate processes for the sake of automation. We are required to ensure that our work brings efficiency in the execution of organizational mandate.

When a customer adopts our Laserfiche ECM solution the customer also benefits from the highly professional business process re-engineering services that come with our implementation services. Sometimes the resulting deliverable may include recommendations for organizational restructuring so that the proximity to processes, process integration points, and customer services are appropriately managed. It is therefore, not necessary to pay for a separate consulting services for business process re- engineering while you plan on using the Laserfiche ECM. By using our Laserfiche ECM as the foundation for your workflow solution, we are able to rapidly enable new forms of working and collaborating within your company.

Benefits our expertise brings

Our business process automation experience cuts across all industries and functional areas including Accounts Payable, Business Continuity Planning, Case Management, Contract Management, Credentialing, HR Onboarding, Loan Processing, permitting, etc. We have expertise in redefining business processes for large institutions such as Banks, Immigration Services, land management organizations, and the like and introducing appropriate Case Management related business processes for automation. Effective case management is essential for providing high-quality services to qualified individuals at an affordable cost. By digitizing and automating the case management process, your company does not just save paper but it also makes staff members more efficient in handling their specific tasks.

From purchase orders and invoices to expense reports and receipts, Laserfiche allows authorized staff access to information, instantly. Whether you’re dealing with scanned documents, e-mails, spreadsheets or PDFs, they’re located in a central, secure repository that authorized staff can access, instantly and simultaneously.

Laserfiche eliminates the costs associated with printing, shipping and storing paper documentation, while at the same time streamlining business processes by increasing information accessibility, improving security and automating tasks to make staff more efficient.

The Laserfiche Advantage for automating your business processes include:

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