Secure Print Services

Josanti are a leading supplier of secure print and document fraud prevention.

We can provide cheque printing that exceeds APACS requirements and we have developed and implemented high security document systems for governments, blue chip corporations and universities across the globe.

We provide the following solutions:

PREMIERcheque+ - designed to streamline production of all MICR documents such as cheques, foreign drafts, bank/certified cheques, dividend warrants, cheque books etc.);

MICR laser technology applications;

MICR Laser Printers and Consumables - LEXMARK MICR PRINTER, HP MICR PRINTER;

PREMIERstealth Cheque security - for protecting financial organizations from losing money to sophisticatedly attacked cheque documents;

PREMIERRoutsourcing - to help customers in the way in which they send out business critical mailings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis;

Security Print Bureau services - dynamic document design capability, web to print portal, mono and full colour digital print, mailing and intelligent enclosing, audit tracking and reporting, postal consolidation and discounting;

PREMIERbooks - produces on-site MICR cheque/Deposit Books to help eliminate problems such as poor print quality and cheques rejected at the Bank, reliance on outdated, often bulky technology and the need for technically aware operators; high maintenance costs; expensive running costs, labour intensive chequebook collating; and questions over different currency layout positions;

PREMIERcheque Teller - allowing bankers drafts, money orders and foreign draft payments to be created, authorized and printed in just a couple of minutes; Bankers Drafts/Foreign Drafts;

PREMIERarchive - web-based document archive and retrieval solution especially for directly publishing large data such as customer statements for online access and retrieval by customer.

PREMIERsecure toner - for preventing alteration fraud on CHEQUES, QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES, INSURANCE DOCUMENTS, PROPERTY DEEDS, MEDICAL RECORDS, MOTORING DOCUMENTS that are altered daily using a number of chemicals to wash names and values from our documents; Hologram Origination and Design.

Call for our full prices list and specifications +233 (0)24 488 8285

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