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Hosted Electronic Document and Content Management

The Hosted Electronic Document and Hosted Content Management Practice in the Enterprise Information Management Solutions Division is in charge of facilitating for companies to have full electronic document and content management solutions implemented without investing in software and hardware so that the solution would be implemented and owned in-house.

Electronic Document and Image Hosting/Hosted Content Management

With the hosted electronic document management the company has the option of allowing us to do the scanning and indexing of all documents to be hosted this way so that employees with the appropriate application security access will remotely access the hosted documents 24/7 in support of their daily functions. In this arrangement, our electronic document and image hosting service is an extension to the document imaging bureau service for the customers whose current needs do not justify the required investment in an Enterprise Content Management solution.

Benefits of our Superior Hosting Package

For the companies who enrol in the superior Content Management Hosted package, they will be able to use our hosted solution to automate internal business processes just as if they have the solution locally installed. They will receive the benefit of allowing external parties to submit documents online that we shall automatically route to them via the hosted content management solution or via email, depending on preference.

There are a number of options available for the customer to choose from so that this service has completely addressed their need.

Converting your paper records into the electronic format is a serious mission to us. When we help a company succeed in protecting its information assets, we are also helping posterity, securing the future of our society, and helping to secure the future of our own country. For this reason, the lack of adequate funds to completely own your own ECM solution cannot be the reason you cannot do enough today to protect your paper based information assets. We are committed to helping you to take any steps necessary to ensure your information assets are safe even when disasters strike.

Our Hosting Options

We have various procurement options for your consideration in order to facilitate your ownership of an enterprise content management solution. All we need is to understand your current business requirements, your resource limitations and other constraints. We shall then put together for you a package that meets your current budget no matter how small it is.

As a solution provider we have acquired full production version of the Laserfiche ECM with enough capacity to accommodate several organizations in secured sharing environment. What customers would share in our hosting environment are application programs. Customer data are hosted on separate physical computer hardware and in separate physical repositories with unique application security profiles. Options for hosting can include arrangements where we do the document preparation, scanning, and indexing or where you may leave all to us and all you would need is to be able to remotely access the records when needed.

Even where the customer can completely afford the purchase of the Enterprise Content Management solution, it may still be difficult to recruit and maintain competent IT personnel to manage and maintain the ECM environment. To such a customer reliance on external consulting services would be inevitable but these services would come at prices that are higher than completely outsourcing the hosting of the ECM to us until such a time that it is possible to do this in-house.

Although a company may have the competency to manage its own ECM installation and can even afford the entire solution, such a company can still take advantage of our hotsite facility which is optionally available as part of the document hosting services.

Whether you intend to use our hosting services temporarily or permanently will all depend entirely on your business requirements. This service is available to all type of customers including companies that are in the business of storing paper records for customers. Our solution is completely web enabled and so it is not necessary to have a single installation of any of our software in-house before being able to access the documents that we are hosting for your company. All you need is a web browser such as the Internet Explorer.

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