Josanti Identity Management Solutions

Document & Population Registries

Josanti have the expertise to implement a Central Document Register System (CDRS), a state-of-the-art storage and identification system that allows the storage and ability to update, personal and document information for future accessibility,  through the use & management of digital identities and document management system.

CDRS excels in providing an enterprise class document management and digital identities system for passport registry, ID-card registry, civil registry and of course National Population Registries.

The register is hosted on Avalon Biometrics Annwyn framework and is easily accessible by other solutions for live or form based enrollment, user management and biometrics and full audit trail mechanism.

Register Solutions Software:
CDRS Central Document Register Solution
NPR National Population Registers

A Future Proof Solution
The powerful, scalable & stress tested high performance SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) delivers a future-proof investment. The system is scalable allowing your business to expand with additional features and functionality, thus, providing an integer, up-to date and secure register.

Fully scalable National Population Register

We have designed the CDRS system so over time a National Population Register can be implemented in phases and when various government agencies are ready and funding is in place to form an integrated system that covers the population of a country, thus, increasing public security.

Making the transitional steps from CDRS to NPR are seamless. Imagine if CDRS was initially installed to serve as an  register and now a country wants to add a passport register and an interface to the border police to check newly issued passports against the passport register.



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