Josanti Identity Management Solutions

Mobile Border Management & Identification Solutions

Our Mobile Secure Border Management System integrates the latest advances in security technology and provides a tool to the immigration authorities to efficiently increase the security at air, land & sea borders.

MSBMS can be used standalone with embedded database and/or integrated into a central system with full synchronization support & central queries and crosschecks and has a default interface & connectivity to our SBMS suite.

>Mobile Border Management &  Identification Solutions portable equipment

MSBMS is available on the following devices

Suitcase MSBMS is supported for customized suitcases
Handheld MSBBS is supported for mobile handheld units running on Windows CE 5/6 & Windows Mobile 6

Key features


  • SOA Multi-tier Architecture
  • Truly scalable & distributable
  • Advanced DB Replication via LAN / WLAN / GSM / GPRS
  • Robust J2EE server side
  • Embedded Database & J2EE connector
  • Web-Service Communication
  • Hardware Independent

Multiple Domains

  • Suitcase - Customized Suitcase solutions (Ruggedized Hard & Soft-shell Cases) based on SBMS & customer requirements in various flavors & completely hardware independent
  • Handheld - Customized Mobile Solution based on MVT & customer requirements in various flavors & completely hardware independent

User, Role, Site & Ws Management

A most advanced User, Identity, Role, Site, workstation and workflow management

Control List Management System

Comprehensive Control List Management System, managing all kinds of textual and biometric control lists, external & legacy systems, for all varieties of fully integrated background checks

Document Capture & Verification

Based on our VeriDoc engine, MSBMS offers in the suitcase solution a complete Fully Automated Document Verification, under all given light sources (Visual, UV, IR, Coaxial). Please refer to the SBMS or VeriDoc flyer for more information.

Face Capture & Verification / Identification

Live Face Capture with QA (dynamic & static), face & eye-finder, automatic cropping and rotating and overall QA according to ISO & ICAO. Photo is used for matching against travel documents, control list (1:1 & 1:n supported) and transit data history.

FP Capture & Verification / Identification

Live Fingerprint Capture with QA utilizing our QFinger and 1:1 matching (i.e. vs. RFID chip) and 1:n matching vs. Control Lists & External Systems

Iris Capture & Verification & Identification

As optional module Avalon offers iris capture & QA for high quality data-acquisition to be used for stroage and 1:1 & 1:N macthing va. Control List & external systems & transit databases

Transit Data

Summarizing all relevant Data of the traveler for a complete audit & history and electronic immigration stamp support.

Comprehensive Exception Handling

Supervisor, Alert and Query functions

Synchronization Support & Monitoring

Inherited support for data replication & synchronization + monitoring



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