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eGate – Automatic Border Control Immigration Gate

We are at the forefront in the fight against illegal immigration, high crime rate and terrorist threats. These threats add a huge demand on immigration and boarder police authorities in order to create a Secure Area within the geographical limits of the country whilst still allowing the highest level of throughput in traveler volumes. eGates are a critical part in the security chain.

The integration of latest biometric technology for automated authentication of travellers entering countries via boarder gates results in highly secure and reliable processing of persons.

With AVALON BIOMETRICS eGates, the security clearance procedure is streamlined with higher speed and efficiency within a fully integrated system to leverage latest technologies and best practices in the border control environment.

eGate System

eGate System

The offered eGate system is one of the world’s most advanced immigration and boarding solutions based on latest processing technologies and experiences from many successful installations at airports and other locations.

The first Immigration Gate with fingerprint verification was successfully installed in Singapore back in 1996. Due to the huge experience with airport and passenger terminal solutions AVALON BIOMETRICS and its partners have the technical expertise and the relevant market know-how to:

Key benefits include:



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