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Secure Border Management Systems

The fight against illegal immigration, high crime rates and terrorist threats leave a heavy burden on the immigration and police authorities in order to ensure a safe and secure area within a country.

Our Secure Border Management System delivers (SBMS) the latest advances in, security technology and provides a tool to the immigration authorities to fight efficiently against these new threats that pose a risk to national security.

>Secure boarder management systems control room

The SBMS suite features is a comprehensive state-of-the-art border control system, including all functionalities for Primary Inspection (primary passenger processing) and exhaustive handling at the Secondary Inspection of exceptional and special cases like Rejections, Deportation Procedures, handling of dead bodies, Group ,handling, special alerts and many more.

>Secure boarder management systems software

Furthermore, the SBMS suite offers of course a Back office Management, a Control List Management System with full legacy & external system interface support, an enterprise class Database Replication, System Administration and the complete range of security & identification checks, including checks over any travel & ID document, 1:1 and 1:n biometric matching (face, finger, iris) and a large variety of supporting functionality for immigration departments, including automatic Entry/Exit Card ICR recognition and full transit history to name a few.

Key Features:


  • SOA Multi-tier Architecture
  • Truly scalable & distributable
  • Advanced DB Replication
  • Robust J2EE server side
  • Web-Service Communication
  • Hardware Independent

User, Role, Site & Ws Management

A most advanced User , Identity, Role, Site, workstation and workflow management for every user fully adjustable and definable Monitoring, Administration & Reporting. A set of tools & applications developed for monitoring and administering the overall system & replication procedures, guaranteeing the data integrity among all database all over the country and providing reports and statistics of all aspects, customized for the specific authorities.

Control List Management System

Comprehensive Control List Management System, managing all kinds of textual and biometric control lists, external & legacy systems, for all varieties of fully integrated background checks.

Document Capture & Verification

Based on our VeriDoc engine, SBMS offers a complete Fully Automated Document Verification, under all given light sources (Visual, UV, IR, Coaxial) including:

  • BAC, EAC, PA, AA & cert. handling
  • Data Integrity between VIZ (OCR) vs. MRZ vs. RFID vs. Barcode
  • Biometric Integrity (Photo from   Datapage vs. Photo from Chip
  • Security Feature & Pattern Matching
  • UV Dull Paper Checks, IR B900 ink, Photo Replacement, etc.
  • Digital Watermark / IPI (optional)
  • Every travel & id document supported
  • Full Visa support - automatically invoking, reading and processing when a visa is mandatory for the traveler´s country
  • Full Document Repository with up to 1900 travel & ID documents.

Face Capture & Verification

Live Face Capture with QA (dynamic & static), face & eye-finder, automatic cropping and rotating and overall QA according to ISO & ICAO. Photo is used for matching against travel documents, control list (1:1 & 1:n supported) and transit data history.

Fingerprint Capture & Verification

Live Fingerprint Capture with QA, reliable and unreliable minutiaes, core and delta, ridge flow count, segmentation, sequence check, NFIQ value, etc. and 1:1 matching (i.e. vs. RFID chip) and 1:n matching vs. Control Lists & External Systems

Entry / Exit Card Recognition

Capture and ICR processing of the handwritten entry/exit cards, including QA. Supports passport readers and flatbed scanners as input devices.

Transit Data

Summarizing all relevant Data of the traveler for a complete audit & history and electronic immigration stamp support.

Comprehensive Exception Handling

Supervisor, Alert and Query functions perfectly combined & integrated.

Entire Border Control Suite

Complete Border Control Suite with a total of over 20 applications for authorities to securely manage borders throughout the country with a central system.



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