Josanti Identity Management Solutions

High-End Document Verification & Document QA

Josanti implement market leading, automatic verification security features in travel documents such as passports, Visa and ID- Cards by utilizing Avalon's automated document verification solution (VeriDoc). VeriDoc can be applied to a range of industry sectors:

Quality Assurance for Travel and Identification Documents (QDoc)
QDoc is a most advanced Quality Assurance (QA) solution for travel & id-documents on the market.  Based on our proven VeriDoc engine with specific QA features and capabilities. QDoc ensures the quality and verifiability of travel & id documents as they are produced and can be integrated in an Issuance / Production System or can simply operate standalone.

QDocs is Hardware independent and operates with any full page passport reader capable of scanning documents with various light sources and a built-in RFID reader.

QDoc's flexibility allows passport manufacturer the ultimate freedom in quality. Textual & Biometric data is compared for compliance to international standards & recommendations and checked for integrity between the Datapage (VIZ) vs. RFID / Chip vs. MRZ vs. Barcode vs. Production Database for all textual and biometric data with OCR & biometric matching algorithms.



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