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Visa Management Systems

Our Visa Management system combines a Service Orientated Visa Information System as well as a complete Visa Management system to securely manage all your Visa and Residence Permits needs, including enrollment, approval, printing, issuing and stock control functionality.

Our Visalon software supports decentralized enrollment, central or decentralized visa approval and centralized or decentralized visa printing and issuing.

We ensure quality assurance measures for all biometric data capturing and storage using high quality ICAO compliant datasets in accordance with the international standards and recommendations (ICAO MRTD 9303 , ANSI / NIST ITL -2007 & ISO 19794 specifications & best practice).

Automated passport verification allows embassies and consulates to handle the entire visa/permit process with interfaces to legacy systems, Civil & Criminal AFIS, N-VIS & C-VIS systems as well as Border Control interfaces using a central application server and database for any kind of underlying business logic or integration with external systems via webservices in a secure communication environment.

Visalon is configurable for an unlimited number of embassies, locations, services and is capable of operating over multiple workstations.

Visalon supports various visa applications:

Key features of the solution:

User friendly GUI:

We put importance on the design of the graphical user interface to guide and optimize the workflow steps a user has to perform. We are combining vast functionality with ease of use to provide an intuitive and appealing user-interface. Architecture: The system architecture has been carefully designed from scratch to benefit from the latest trends in software development.

Online/Offline Mode:

Despite that Visalon was designed as an internet based online solution it is possible to perform all data capture activities offline as well. There might be some restrictions in the offline mode which depend on the functionality that was implemented for a particular project into the application server.

Various input devices:

Visalon support an ever growing number of peripheral devices from digital cameras to live finger scanner and signature pads. Independent software layers are supporting the quick implementation of new peripherals.


Visalon is provided with a fully functional visa register based on a relational DBMS.

Onsite Printing:

Visalon performs secure onsite printing of a visa or document to be issued with no possibility for changes and fraud.


Visalon is enabled to operate in a multi country service mode to cater in one workstation Visa Applications for several countries with customized workflows and business logics, therefore the ideal solution for Joint Visa Application Centres This means that one Visalon installation can perform enrolment for visa applicants of several embassies, keeping data records secured and separated and allowing to capture entirely different datasets for each embassy/consulate, as well as processing these datasets accordingly

3 Tier Architecture:

The backend application server has all the services built in to provide the entire business logic for the Visalon Register.

Workflow Management:

Visalon is configurable for an unlimited number of services, user and roles and operates over distributed workstations as well as on a single data capture workstation.

The Visalon – Visa Management System consist of the following services, which can have various modules as outlined in the next paragraphs and can be freely configured to serve customer specific needs and workflows.

Visalon is a fully scalable and unique Visa Management Solution perfectly suited for homeland security installationsas well as consulates & embassies around the world. Visalon is connected to a Central Visa Centre with a Central Database ensuring data is quality assured without duplication across the network.



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